The Courses
Full Course Topics...

  • What is Happiness?
  • What is the happiness illusion?
  • What is blocking you from a happy life?
  • The Ego Vs. The Soul
  • Rescuing the authentic you from extinction
  • Self-esteem and Self-Care
  • Fears of happiness and self sabotage
  • The relationship between your personality and happiness
  • How primary relationships impact happiness
  • Forgiveness of others, self and God
  • Gratitude
  • Success and abundant thinking
  • How to be present right now
  • How to be a wide receiver
  • How to travel through life as a first class passenger!

When you attend the 8 week or weekender course you become a
lifetime member of The Joy Academy.  As a member  you will
The Course
  •        24 hours of interactive happiness coaching
  •        Group activities exploring happiness
  •        Meditations
  •        Thought provoking readings

The Daily Delight
56 daily thought provoking emails delivered to your inbox for
the length of the course

  • Lifetime membership to our private online community where you can
    continue to exchange ideas with your classmates and coach.
  • Invitations to our member only events, reunions, inspirational book
    club and our Social Club
  • Opportunities to participate in Joy on a Mission volunteer groups
    where we will be giving back to our community.
The Full Course...

Get a blissful bite of happiness in this FREE two hour mini-lesson taken
from the full 8 week happiness course!  Happiness Coach Gretchen Laporta
LCSW will be guiding you through an exploration of:
    •  What is happiness?
    •  What are the three types of happiness?
    •  Fun interactive exercises designed to explore your personal ideas
             of happiness.
    •  A guided meditation
    •  Inspiration and self discovery!  
This course is held multiple times a year throughout the Charlotte Metro
Would you like to invite us to share the Blissful Bite with
your special group?  
Contact us!
The Joy Academy
P.O. Box 5011
Monroe, NC 28111
Ph: 704-283-2900 X201
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The Blissful Bite
Course Options
    The 8 Week
Weekday Evening

This option allows you to
marinate in joy for 8 full
weeks.  Classes will meet
once a week for 3 hours
on a weekday evening
6:30pm to 9:30pm

Now For A Limited   
    Time :

Less than $17 per
hour of class time!
The Joy Weekender

This option will be held the
first and third weekends of
the designated month for 6
hours each day (Saturday
and Sunday). Includes all
of the same great content
and activities as the
weekday option.  Classes
are gather
9am to 4pm

Now For A Limited  

Now only $20 per   
  hour of class!
The Blissful Bite

This is the introduction
to the Joy Academy 8
week course through a
mini lesson!You will get
a taste of all of the
essential ingredients
that makes The Joy
Academy so delicious!

These two hour sessions
are held throughout the
Charlotte Metro Area
several times a year.  
See our
event schedule.